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Taiwan, Taipei

If you're not careful you will be run over by a scooter with often 4 hasty Taiwanese on it about 3 times per minute. If that doesn't happen, the overwhelming air pollution caused by mainly the same scooters will almost make you suffocate. But everyone's in a hurry because there is much to be done. And China is watching.

As you can see in this picture, the Taiwanese always try to go in all possible directions as fast as they can. And there are many directions. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is relaxed and the people are very friendly and helpful.

Which is a good thing because I caught a tough tonsilitis there, and with 39 degrees fever and 36 degrees outside it wasn't ideal. Pretty soon after taking this photo I called t a day. The next day typhoon Morakot broke loose. Trees snapped like straws, roofs collapsed. The city was stormingly silent for 2 days on end. In the south more than 500 people died.

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