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Sri Lanka, Colombo

After 26 years of brutal violence on the 16th of may 2009 the Tamil Tigers were finally beaten. Is this the most important fact of Sri Lanka. Perhaps, because this terrible civil war has crippled the island for over two decades. And killed 70.000 people.

Around the time that I visit the island nation the first elections are being held in the new, peacefull Sri Lanka. There are no really big problems at the polling stations this year.

With its enourmous beauty, jungles, beaches and wildlife parks Sri Lanka has a lot going for it. The infrastructure and classy hotels are already there, partly because of the Dutch and English kolonial presence. So I think things will change fast here.

It feels like the island has earned its rest. After the devastating blow of the 2004 tsunami and the ongoing bombstrikes it's time for Sri Lanka to live up to its very high potential. If they can keep the peace by not repeating the mistakes of the past this could become one of the most impressive places in Asia.

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