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Zambia, Lusaka



Lusaka is a nice enough place. The problem for me is that it doesn’t really have a center as such. For Streets of the World I take photos of street life in the center of all capitals of the world. In a case like this I have to start looking for an alternative.
With a local cab driver I started visiting local markets which were very cool. But I’ve already photographed many markets so I was hoping for something else. And we found it. The biggest wood market in Zambia. With hundreds of people working there, hauling wood around and trading as if it were the last thing they would do. Wood coming from Malawi, wood sold to go there and to all the surrounding countries. Good wood, and some ‘bad’ wood. Whole families live on the premises, waiting for their business to be concluded and move back home or to another place.A very interesting place with a different kind of street life.

Through people I met in Holland I heard about a Dutch man named Peter who apparently started a lodge in South Luangwa National Park. I contacted him and he invited me over when I would get to Zambia for Streets. After rushing through Namibia and Botswana, which is quite a shame actually, but it’s still a job in the end, I decided to take some time off and meet Peter. And I am very glad I did. I spent more than a week in his wonderful lodge on the edge of this supreme park, dozing by the river, trekking through the park on special wildlife photo safaris and writing my 2nd book. 
What a wonderful time. I’ve become a very big fan of Zambia. All the stuff I’ve made can be seen on the Zambia page. Have a look and be inspired! 

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