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Mexico, Mexico City

We only hear bad things about Mexico. That’s a shame. But yes, there are horrible things going on here. It’s unbelievable that a couple of drug lords are ruining this amazing country. Over 25.000 people have died in the so called “drug war’. And obviously the media is all over it. And it should be. But there is so much more to Mexico than that.

Mexico City has it all

In Mexico City we choose to shoot the pilot of the Streets documentary. Why here? Because this metropolis has it all. The good, the bad, the ugly. But it still seems to function in spite of its horrendous traffic, massive overpopulation and widespread poverty. Even my cameraman was a little scared coming here after he prepared his trip online. He saw mostly bad stuff. I know that when he left, his opinion had turned around completely.

Besides that this photo shows there’s love in these streets. In whatever form. Because Mexico City is colorful, friendly, musical and passionate! And you can see this in the streets everywhere you go. We were invited to street party’s, chique diners and trips to the pyramids and rooftops of massive skyscrapers to look out over this incredible city. I think we made a very good choice taking this city for our film. I’ll be back. We’ll be filming from a chopper, flying over this unique Ciudad.

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