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Ecuador, Quito

I never really thought about Ecuador that much. Small. Insignificant. Right on the equator. However, it turns out to be one of the most fascinating countries in South America! Set amidst the tops of the mighty Andes, Quito (2850m), is a beautiful city.

The old centre of Quito actually is a UNESCO World Heritage site. With it’s lovely churches, plazas and a stunning cathedral it takes your breath away. And that’s just Quito. But Ecuador has much more to offer. Things I sadly enough had no time to see.. Like rainforests and the Galapagos Islands. Not to mention its enormous biodiversity. I guess I’ll have to return one day with more time. Time... oh time.

Nevertheless this pretty country has it’s share of problems too. 45 % of its people live under the poverty line and it has a high illiteracy rate. Although school is free for kids from 6 to 14, many, especially in the rural area’s, drop out early to go and work with their families. Apparently it’s also not so safe at night. I never noticed anything. Still.. I’ll return. As many have before me.

GIEL! (3FM) - Jeroen Swolfs in het verre Ecuador
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