Pop-up Photo Event was a big success

Pop-up Photo Event was a big success

The best place to see the pictures of the Streets of the World Project is where they were taken: in the streets. The pictures were shown from 3 – 7 November 2016 life-size in the Kempering multi-storey car park in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Over 3000 visitors walked through the car park where almost 200 street photos took them on a world trip. Along the way, street food was available from the world kitchen specialist World of Food. The guides and attendants came from Amsterdam Zuidoost and told their stories of the pictures with which they, in their own way, had a connection. The admission was free.

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New exhibition coming up

On 15 June Streets of the World opens a new exhibition on terrein Hembrug in Amsterdam-Zaanstad. The Ministry of Defence’s former HEMbrug site has become a creative incubator – a surprising hotspot of urban culture blended with heritage. A place where nothing is ordinary and that offers countless possibilities. A flexible and versatile location that blends authenticity, entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, sustainability, innovative strength, and a community that is eager to move forwards into the future. It is the ideal location to make a world trip through the 195 photos of Jeroen Swolfs.

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The photo book available from 15 June

Your chance to make a world trip at home is nearly there. The Streets of the World photo book has been printed and is on its way to Holland. Actually, there are both on their way to Holland, because we made 2 photo books! They are spectacular. Beside the 195 photos, you can read the stories, facts and figures about the countries and see the IPhonography of Jeroen Swolfs. It is for sale from 15 June on.

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Jeroen Swolfs

After graduating from the Amsterdam Photo Academy, Swolfs became a freelance photojournalist. His work, which focusses on political and social issues, includes a series about returned Serbian refugees and Roma minorities in Eastern Europe, and he has shot assignments for newspapers including the Volkskrant and Amsterdam Weekly, and for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


If you are interested in single prints or in the luxurious hand-crafted wooden chest with all the prints of Streets of the World inside, please contact us through sales@streetsoftheworld.com or call our office +31 20 535 6200.
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