Streets of the World the Stories e-book (in English)

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What would it be like to travel to every country in the world, all within a period of just seven years? This book describes the fascinating travel stories of photographer Jeroen Swolfs. In this tumultuous world, he went in search of what connects us as human beings, travelling to 195 world capitals to photograph the street life he encountered. But how do you come up with such an idea? How do you pay for it? And above all: how do you do it? 

Travel along with this modern-day adventurer who, as part of his project “Streets of the World”, went in search of people and also ended up finding himself as a person. Discover the secrets of mysterious islands in the Pacific Ocean such as Kiribati, Tuvalu and Nauru, come along for a walk along the sultry streets of Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro and Ouagadougou, and marvel at daily life in Mogadishu, Kabul and Baghdad. This book brings you along on an incomparable world journey that proves that there are still a surprising number of wonders to discover.