TEDx Talk by Jeroen Swolfs; a plead for positivity

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I talk a lot about my crazy project. Nevertheless, I was greatly honored to be asked to do a TEDx talk about Streets of the World. But, what to say about on this beautiful international platform? Streets of the World has so many possible angles to talk about.

Can we trust the news?

Lately though, it has been impossible to ignore the extreme changes that are taking place in the media landscape. It used to be only newspapers and magazines that share the news, and they too have always been under threat and have had themselves not always been so neutral at the same time. But, since vulnerable online platforms have gained such a massive influence on our newsgathering recently it has become even harder to know what to believe and what to choose to share.

The power of positive storytelling

Doesn’t it all seem a little grim and bleak lately? While that's not at all what I found traveling around the world. So, I chose to talk about the power of positive storytelling and to look at what our role as small broadcasters, which is really what we all have become these days, is and can be.

Create positive news yourself

In the time of fake news, it is more important than ever that we realize our role and responsibility in creating the news, right?

Please, have a look at my TEDx Talk and share my story.

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Imagine going to almost two hundred different countries searching for that one street (or sometimes harbour or railwaystation) that symbolizes a whole community.

Jeroen did it and brought these streets together in his Streets of the World Photo Book.

His Photo Book is for people who want to discover what a street means to society, education, wisdom, youth, experience, happiness, stories, food and so much more.