Barbados Bridgetown
Caboverde Praia
Sweden Stockholm
Myanmar Yangon
Benin Cotonou
Afghanistan Kabul

“I wanted to find out what the world looks like today, in our time. How far have we come? How much are we alike? How different are we? I wanted to meet the people of my era. All the places I have visited are special in their own way;  some because they made me feel good, others because they shocked me. All their stories deserve to be told. I’m constantly amazed by the innumerable ways in which life unfolds in all these places, at one and the same time. The customs, shapes, colours, religions, and surroundings. And everywhere, I keep seeing the same beautiful things humans are capable of. That’s the central idea behind Streets of the World: showing how alike we are, not how different we are.”

Jeroen Swolfs

Pop-up Photo Event 4-7 November

The best place to see the pictures of the Streets of the World Project is where they were taken: in the streets. The pictures can temporarily be seen life-size in parking garage Kempering in Amsterdam Zuidoost! You can walk through the parking garage where almost 200 street pictures will take you on a world trip. Along the way street food is available from the world kitchen. Our volunteer guides are from Amsterdam Zuidoost and tell you their stories of the pictures with which they, in their own way, have a connection. The admission is free.

Are you joining us for the opening on 3 November? RSVP by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

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Special tours by Jeroen

On Sunday 6 november Jeroen Swolfs takes the visitors on a special tour in his exhibition. He tells the story of his trip, his photographs and why he has set up a Pop-up Photo Event in an empty parking garage.

The tour is about an hour and a half and is free to join.

The starting times are 11 AM, 1PM, 3PM and 5PM. You can either drop by or make a reservation through [email protected] Please choose a time slot and let us know with how many people you are joining.

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More than a photo project

Streets of the World by Jeroen Swolfs is meant as a positive message in a society where mainstream media are dominated by images of war and conflict. The photos he has made all on his travels all over the world emphasise similarities between people and cultures, rather than differences.

The multi-story car park Kempering in Amsterdam Zuidoost is the perfect place for Streets of the World. The garage is located in the middle of a busy neighbourhood with inhabitants from more than 140 different nationalities.

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Are you joining us for Museumnacht?

Our Pop-Up Photo Event is part of the Amsterdam Museum Night (Museumnacht) on 5 November!

We are open from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. It’s going to be a night to remember with world music, good food and special beers from the local abbey brewery.

All night, special N8-busses depart from the Museumplein in the centre of Amsterdam, although we are also easy to reach by metro (hop on line 53, and get off at stop Kraaiennest).

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Jeroen Swolfs

After graduating from the Amsterdam Photo Academy, Swolfs became a freelance photojournalist. His work, which focusses on political and social issues, includes a series about returned Serbian refugees and Roma minorities in Eastern Europe, and he has shot assignments for newspapers including the Volkskrant and Amsterdam Weekly, and for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.