TEDx: Positivity in all Streets of the World

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What if you would walk out of your front door right now and deliberately look for positivity? Solely focus on what’s good? Would you be able to find it? According to world traveler and famous Dutch photographer Jeroen Swolfs you would!

And believe us he knows 

“If you go looking for positivity you’ll find it.”

He explains in his TEDx talk Positivity in all streets of the world.

“Because optimism is everywhere, street after street, city after city.”

And you know what, if there’s one person who knows this to be true, its Jeroen. Because this guy traveled to practically all -yes, all- countries in the world to photograph daily street life in 195 capitals!

Positivity is just around the corner

In 2009 Jeroen started his crazy worldwide photo project, called Streets of the World, after smashing his face into the sidewalk because he drank one to many. While he had more ‘genius’ ideas during trips home from cheerful nights out, this idea just didn’t seem to let him go.

So, he decided to go with it and left his entire existence to start off on a 7-year journey across the globe.

And you know what, during his travels he encountered countless situations of true friendship, love, laughter, perseverance, brotherhood, strength, hope and silly goats and much more, at every corner of the street.

His message?

“It’s time to show a more positive story about who we are as humans. There’s an imbalanced view of who we are created by one sided journalism. We’re all storytellers. We create the news. Imagine if we all share a positive message? We would decide what we think about the world and the people in it ourselves!”

So. He Did.

And So. Can. You.

Watch his TEDx now, feel inspired and get out there. Walk your street with an open mind, truly open your eyes and explore, because there’s a whole world of friendship, love, laughter, hope, perseverance, brotherhood and strength waiting for you just around the corner.

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Imagine going to almost two hundred different countries searching the streets for what connects us as human beings.

Jeroen did it in 7 years and brought these streets together in his life's work Streets of the World. As you can imagine that was quite the adventure...

Discover the adventures he encountered in his e-book Streets of the World - the Stories and explore what a street means to society, education, wisdom, youth, experience, happiness, stories, food and so much more.