NatGeo documentary Streets of the World (English subtitles)

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It is hard to explain what it was like traveling around the world for seven years trying to capture humanity. Luckily National Geographic Channel picked up on my adventure and decided that the story was worth a documentary! We got together and made a plan.

One of their genius cameramen would travel along with me to a selection of very different countries and film my progress there. We wanted it to be exciting and non-revealing reality TV which showed not only the beauty of this traveling adventure but just as much the challenges and tight spots I would probably get myself into again. And so we set off.

Together with my good friend Remko Geursen we travelled to Dubai, Bangkok, Yangon, Mogadishu, Ashgabat, Amsterdam and Baghdad. It was a crazy ride and an exceptional adventure. And I think it has turned out to be a fantastic tale of what it was really like.

Thanks a million to Remko who had a tougher job than I did, trying to keep up with all his heavy equipment following me running around!

'Streets of the World' has become a documentary on my epic journey traveling to 195 countries in 7 years, to capture the (positive) image of life in the Streets of our World at the beginning of the 21st century.

English Subtitles

Director: Remco Geurssen
Starring: Jeroen Swolfs

IMDB rating: 8,1