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Photographer, worldtraveler, writer, TEDx speaker and entrepeneur Jeroen Swolfs traveled for 7 years to visit 195 countries and capitals to photograph daily street life. The result? An impressive and meanwhile world famous art project: Streets of the World.


Start stomething that has never been done before. Is it still possible? Hell yes! Jeroen's dream: to capture the street life of all the capitals in the world and contribute to create a positive balance to all the negative reports in the media. And turn it into a commercially successful company...

Unique lecture by Jeroen

However, the success of this apparently unattainable dream didn't happen over night. To get a plan as Streets of the World financed is no sinecure. What does it take to implement such an ambitious concept? Dreams can come true when Jeroen finally finds one investor to believe in him. Once funding is achieved, the real work begins. He must actually accomplish his dream and then realised he completely underestimated everything.

“Jeroen Swolfs is an inspiring motivational speaker ánd storyteller”

“He enchanted an audience of 300 journalists and editors at a conference of Journalism. He spoke about what he saw, heard and learned while traveling the world with this special mission"

 “A keynote for every business that truly wants to inspire people!”

Themes for lectures can be amongst others: leadership development, following your dream, perserverance, team effectivenss, stress management, taking risks or making choices. 

Documentary and books

National Geographic traveled with Jeroen through Myanmar and Iraq to make a documentary behind this fascinating project. Travel along from unknown islands to astringent events in war zones. After completing the project, Streets of the World has published a beautiful photo book. In 2019, Jeroen's travel novel - in the form of a modern diary - was released. 


Streets of the World Tour

Jeroen had one mission during his project: to show how humans are connected all over the world and with that creating a collective mind shift. Jeroen Swolfs opened the largest photo exhibition in the world in Dubai in January 2019. Amsterdam followed in March 2019 where, for the very first time, all photos where displayed next to each other. London and Brussels follow respectively this spring and summer. All exhibitions can be visited free of charge.


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Jeroen loves to visit you personally to get acquainted. Together you will discuss the exact purpose of the lecture. If there are certain themes that are applicable within a department or organisation, Jeroen will be more than happy to adjust his lecture in accorande with those themes. Do you have another reason to invite Jeroen? A party? An opening? A speech? A reading? All possibilites are bookable and we appreciate if you have input. Contact us for more information. 


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Imagine going to almost two hundred different countries searching for that one street (or sometimes harbour or railwaystation) that symbolizes a whole community.

Jeroen did it and brought these streets together in his Streets of the World Photo Book.

His Photo Book is for people who want to discover what a street means to society, education, wisdom, youth, experience, happiness, stories, food and so much more.