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Streets of the World is highly suited for educational purposes. We develop beautiful educational material that fits in school programmes from elementary- until secondary school and even college education. The diversity of the project allows access to different teaching programmes and training. Please be aware that the educational materials are only available in Dutch.

Slow Looking

Schoolteacher Liesbeth Breek has specifically developed an educational package for Streets of the World by the name of ‘Slow Looking’ where the viewer will be challenged to look beyond their first impression. Slow Looking is about collecting observations instead of explanations, solving problems or to present how one must think. The photos of Streets of the World offers numerous opportunities to help little citizens become independent global citizens.  

Subjects about identity, diversity, sustainability, globalisation, division of human rights, peace and conflict and global involvement all come to life in the photos. Observation and stimulating the thinking skills are a central theme in these educational activities. In addition, it also promotes to express independently and therefore also develops the language among the students.


Slow Looking educational package (only available in Dutch)

The Slow Looking educational package consists of the photo book, the accompanying box with 198 postcards and a memory stick that includes the educational materials. The Slow Looking package is available in the webshop for €199. The slow looking package is timeless and can be used for many years.

Visit Streets of the World @ Zuidas

It also possible to visit the exhibition at Amsterdam Zuid. The 250 meters long exhibition is directly displayed next to the train station of Amsterdam Zuid.  

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Imagine going to almost two hundred different countries searching for that one street (or sometimes harbour or railwaystation) that symbolizes a whole community.

Jeroen did it and brought these streets together in his Streets of the World Photo Book.

His Photo Book is for people who want to discover what a street means to society, education, wisdom, youth, experience, happiness, stories, food and so much more.