Streets of the World launches 'Platform for Positivity'

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(From left to right: Kweens WhoCares, programmamaker Eddy Zoëy, Mirjam Vossen World's Best News en Jeroen Swolfs, Streets of the World during the launch of the first Platform for Positivity)

These days, reading a newspaper or scanning through the newsfeed on your phone can seriously scare you. It seems the world and especially humans are worse off than ever. The truth is we are not doing that bad, in many ways, we are actually doing a lot better than before. So why doesn’t it feel that way?

One of the reasons is the fact that positive news hardly ever makes the headlines. In order to change perspective, Streets of the World launches Platform for Positivity. This new initiative starts off with a series of recurring and eye-opening events, organised with likeminded partners. Topics vary, but always focus on a positive impact on society. The goal is to share the importance of positive news and related topics, in order to improve the image we have of the world and the people in it.

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Everybody can join! Will you be part of it? #Plat4P
It’s very easy to contribute: share the news that makes you happy, or which you just find very positive, on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #plat4p. Together we can make the world more beautiful. And journalism a bit more positive.

Join us! Go positive
The first edition of the Platform for Positivity events took place on Wednesday November 15 at the Streets of the World photo museum in Zaandam. Ralf Bodelier of World’s Best News spoke about progress worldwide, supporting his views with facts and figures. Wendy Kweens of WhoCares showed examples of inspiring and positive stories and initiatives and Streets of the World- photographer Jeroen Swolfs told the story of his travels around the world; especially his heartwarming experiences in Iraq, Somalia and on the West Bank were a surprise to many. Television- and radio-host Eddy Zoëy took the lead in discussing the huge impact newsmakers – bloggers, vloggers and journalists – can have on what the world perceives to be true. The event was concluded with launching and sharing positive messages using #Plat4P.

Positive numbers
Is there reason to be positive? According to the facts and figures of World’s Best News, extreme poverty is half of what it was 25 years ago. Also, 91% of the world population now has access to clean water. The number of war casualties paint a similar picture: 22 million in 1950 compared to 168.000 in 2015. Most people have a completely different feeling about the current state of affairs, party by the often negative media coverage.

Positive images
Jeroen Swolfs about why a positive worldview is so important to him: “My Streets of the World-project shows daily life in capitals all over the world. Some of these cities are depicted by the media as being extremely dangerous and volatile. My pictures show a more complete story, filled with solidarity, togetherness and hope. With this project, I want to inspire people not to focus on what divides us, but on what brings us together. I hope to contribute to an increased feeling of connection and involvement, because I believe that is the only way towards a peaceful future.

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