Streets of the World Photo Museum in Zaandam

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The journey is done, the project completed. All 195 of Jeroen Swolfs’ photos are exhibited in the Streets of the World Photo Museum at the once notorious Hembrug site. It's the perfect setting for 195 city trips in as many pictures. The life-size prints make you feel able to step straight into the scenes, from a bustling Pyongyang street to an idyllic harbor in Togo or a park in Tegucigalpa.

UNESCO World-heritage

This mysterious location just outside Amsterdam was off limits for a decade. The ministry of defense used it to produce ammunition and after years of dereliction, a new era is starting. Our monumental warehouse, illustriously named ‘The Death’ – after former caretaker Mr. de Dood – has been restored without losing its raw edges and history.

Visit every continent

The space covers 3800m2, divided in three floors with several stairwells and hidden spaces; reminiscent of a maze of streets, squares and markets. With every floor, you enter a new continent. If you can't wait till your visit and want to have a quick look at the photos on your screen, please take a sneak peek at the photo gallery, where you can also buy the photos.

Streets of the World Photo Museum Zaandam from Streets of the World on Vimeo.

Are you traveling with us? Get your ticket here and let's get the journey started! There are many ways to get to the museum. We can help you plan your visit.

Streets of the World Photo Book

New is also the release of the Streets of the World photobook with all of the project's 195 photos. In addition, the book is crammed with personal stories. Each photo is accompanied by Jeroen’s explaination about what you see and why he took exactly this photograph. The book also contains more than 900 infographics about the countries, includes numerous maps, 195 flags, facts and photos from Jeroen’s iPhone.

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Imagine going to almost two hundred different countries searching for that one street (or sometimes harbour or railwaystation) that symbolizes a whole community.

Jeroen did it and brought these streets together in his Streets of the World Photo Book.

His Photo Book is for people who want to discover what a street means to society, education, wisdom, youth, experience, happiness, stories, food and so much more.