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Dubai is one of the most international cities in the world, existing of many different cultures and nationalities. Its international character makes it the perfect city to kick-off the Streets of the World exhibition tour. Since it isn’t the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai wasn’t captured by the photographer. In order to provide Dubai with a prominent role in the exhibition, the ‘Streets of the World photo competition’ was launched in December.

People were invited to capture either the ‘Soul of Dubai’ or the ‘Spirit of Trade’. In both categories, two winners were chosen whose photographs you see displayed on the trotters at the ‘photo competition square’.

The Streets of the World Photo Competition is closed for entries. 


Streets of the World Photo Competition

On 20 January 2019 Streets of the World launches the largest photo exhibition in the world on the banks of the Dubai Creek in Dubai. This photo exhibition is accompanied by a photo competition in the spirit of the Streets of the World project and is for everyone who loves photography. It doesn't matter if you're a professional or amateur photographer, everyone is welcome to join in.

The theme of the Photo Competition, that is organised in association with HIPA and Canon, is ‘Connecting Humanity’ which is not only the theme of the Streets of the World project, but also what made Dubai into the flourishing city it is today.

In this competition it is all about the human factor in this achievement.

There are two categories which you can join:

The ‘Soul of Dubai’ category

Show us the real soul of Dubai. Dubai is not only high skyscrapers and sand. We want your view on the people of Dubai regarding the theme ‘Connecting Humanity’.

The ‘Spirit of Trade’ category

This category is organised in association with Dubai Chamber. It's all about showing us what your view is on business and trade between people in Al Seef, Dubai Creek where the city once started.

What can I win?

The exhibition of Streets of the World in Dubai will be opened on 20 January. During the grand opening the prizewinners will collect their prize in a special ceremony and the prizewinning photos will be revealed at Al Seef, Dubai Creek. For both categories 2 prizes can be won, first and second place.

The 4 prizewinning photos will be displayed for 75 days as part of the Streets of the World exhibition in Dubai, on 180cm x 270cm billboards as used by Streets of the World on location at Al Seef. First prizes in both categories will also win a EOS m50 camera from Canon and second prizes a Canon TS5040 – photo printer .

How can I join?

Participants can register through the HIPA website. There they will be informed about the project, entry rules and submission. The photos will be submitted trough the HIPA platform as well.  

Make sure you're extra prepared. Leave your name and e-mail address below and we'll send you some super valuable winning tips from Streets of the World photographer Jeroen Swolfs. Also make sure to download Jeroen's e-book Streets of the World - the Stories and his Streets of the World Documentary about the making of his unique photographs. 

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We will post regularly about the photo competition on the social media accounts of Streets of the World Dubai with the hashtags:  #StreetsoftheWorldDubai and #sotw_dxb.

Streets collaborates with Dubai Chamber, Canon, HIPA and Dubai Culture

For this unique photo competition Streets of the World is collaborating with Dubai Chamber, Canon, HIPA and Dubai Culture. If you want to participate, please register through the HIPA website. HIPA (Hamdan International Photography Award) is an international photo exhibition with the biggest prize money in the world. Though, HIPA is not only about money. This international photography award was initiated by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum and demonstrates the commitment of Dubai to encourage and support art, culture and innovation. HIPA believes urban development doesn't exist without cultural development, that's why HIPA plays an important role in cultural development. Not only in the United Arab Emirates, but in all of the Middle East.

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Imagine going to almost two hundred different countries searching the streets for what connects us as human beings.

Jeroen did it in 7 years and brought these streets together in his life's work Streets of the World. As you can imagine that was quite the adventure...

Discover the adventures he encountered in his e-book Streets of the World - the Stories and explore what a street means to society, education, wisdom, youth, experience, happiness, stories, food and so much more.